Ep 19 - Illusionist & storyteller, Harris III

March 17, 2019

World Class illusionist and storyteller, Harris III, talks Magic, Margin & his new Movie, Counterfeit!



Ep 18 - Zach Hunt, author of UnRaptured!

March 10, 2019

A chat with Zach Hunt about his forthcoming book Unraptured, and the anxiety-laced religion of trying to get God to beam a few of us up before God gets really awful toward everyone else. Good stuff here, much more in his book!

Ep 17 - Aundi Kolber, Therapist, Author, Speaker

March 3, 2019

Very early on we begin developing a strategy for dealing with others, and with all the hits we take along the way. Aundi is a trauma-informed therapist who helps folks learn how to be mindful of their style of relating, how to set good boundaries, & how to live from healing vs from a wound. Really great stuff—enjoy!

Ep 16 - Dr Krista Nabar and the T in LGBTQ

February 21, 2019

“We don’t have to have all experiences just for them to be valid. It’s important for us to keep in mind that people experience the world differently…that doesn’t mean any of that is less valid.”

Join host Steve Daugherty and guest Dr. Krista Nabar in a talk about our transgender neighbors, and how choosing to have a better understanding of the facts can and will lead to a better experience for all of us.

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Ep 15 - Change?

January 2, 2019

With changing ourselves for the New Year hanging so heavy in the air right now, here's some food for thought about how—and whether—we see each other that's important all year long.

Ep 14 - A Dangerous Gift We Give Ourselves

December 2, 2018

Aggression is its own reward. But, thankfully, the story doesn't end there. If you've wondered why it sort of feels good to get angry, but also leaves you hoping for a deeper, more peaceful way of being in the world, here are some thoughts that might be helpful. 

Ep 13 - Gavin Rogers & his travels with the Migrant Caravan

November 19, 2018

Gavin Rogers, pastor and missionary, recently went to Mexico City to join and travel with the caravan from Honduras. It's a great story and a perspective we have to have if we're to be people looking to take compassion and care as far as they're supposed to go.

For more information about getting involved, check out www.raicestexas.org and Interfaith Welcome Coalition at www.facebook.com/texasiwc


Ep 12 - CJ Casciotta, author of GET WEIRD

November 12, 2018

Isn't it contagious when someone's at peace with who they really are? Isn't your best competition yourself? Isn't Santa an unmitigated jerk? This episode covers all this and more. If you've ever felt like you and your ideas are too strange to embrace, author, leader and encourager in the difference-making ways of Weird, CJ Casciotta can help you start rethinking all that and dare to start moving away from Same.


Ep 11 - Writer/Activist Gareth Higgins

October 28, 2018

"Everything that happens, we interpret through a lens, and the lens is the story we have been born into."
In this conversation with sociologist, author, storyteller and activist Gareth Higgins, we explore our way of being in a world whose tensions and violence demand better attention. From the interpersonal to the international, are we listening, and loving, and using the power we've been given for healing and peace?




Episode 10 - Jeff Polish (The Monti) Talks Storytelling

October 19, 2018

Jeff Polish, founder and Executive Director of The Monti, talks with me about storytelling, its popularity, and what sharing personal stories with a room full of strangers says about what we know we need. 

“The Monti is an extraordinary experience that goes beyond insightful storytellers and wonderful stories—but please don’t come, it is hard enough to get tickets as it is.”
–Dan Ariely, bestselling author of Predictably Irrational